Zwiftpower how-to, below ZP, is a bit of a spider in the net. Especially with regard to results from competitions, teams of Zwift and group cycling. In order for ZP to work best, all who run competitions or group cycles such as SZR should have created a profile on the page. It’s not hard at all. Just follow the steps below and it will work well.

Start by creating the profile. Click the arrow up in the right hand corner. Follow the steps to create the profile and save.

The next step is to set everything up. Then log in, click the arrow again and select Profile.
Click on the green arrow belo

1. Enter your name

2. Enter your Zwift ID found on your computer under document / Zwift / CP. There is a folder containing numbers. They are your zwift ID.

3. Enter your ftp

4. Check if you want to join a team

5. Connect ZP with your Strava account